Acasta Heliflight
Introducing Acasta Heliflight.

Northern spirit

Acasta HeliFlight takes its name from the Acasta Gneiss, a rocky outcrop on Tlicho land in the Slave geological province roughly 300 km north of Yellowknife. Using radiometric dating, this rock – named for the nearby Acasta River east of Great Bear Lake – is said to have formed 4 billion years ago making it the oldest known intact piece of the Earth's crust.

Local passion

"I'm extremely proud to not only be a part of this investment in the North personally, I'm thrilled to have a such a dynamic partner like (Canadian Helicopters) making this significant investment in the future of my home community of Yellowknife," said Acasta President Adam Bembridge. "We're going to have 75 percent of our people based in Yellowknife, so they'll be able to play hockey with their customers, go camping with them, develop stronger bonds and relationships."

World-class service

Acasta represents a partnership which combines the technical expertise, financial strength and economies of scale of Canadian Helicopters with the Northern know-how of a proven innovator like Adam Bembridge, who is a recognized pioneer in the area of creating mutually beneficial strategic alliances with Northern Aboriginal groups. Together as Acasta, we believe there are exciting opportunities in the territories and we are proud to make this investment in the future of a strong and vibrant Northern economy.