Helicopter Operations

Where the roads end, our work begins.

Our versatile fleet and experienced pilots provide essential transportation services to many sectors of the Northern economy, including:

• Precision Long-lining and Slinging
• Mining Development and Drill Support
• Natural Resource Exploration Support
• Forestry support and Fire Suppression
• Environmental Studies – Water and Land
• Wildlife Surveys, Management and Capture
• Search and Rescue
• Emergency Medical Transportation (Medevac)
• Far North and Arctic Operations
• Aerial Filming and Photography
• Seismic Exploration
• Snowmobile/Equipment Recovery
• Powerline, Hydro and Utilities Support
• Remote Area Access and Support for Crews, Cargo and Communities
• Lodge Transfers
• Geophysical Surveys and Bird Towing

Our machines are equipped with all necessary aircraft modifications and specialty gear required to get your job done.

Acasta has a full suite of lifting equipment including: certified lanyards, synthetic long lines, cargo nets, two- and four- point slings, barrel hooks, straps, and core bins.

Also available as needed are: Emergency and fixed floats, cargo baskets, Bambi Buckets, Fuel EZs and drip torches.

Additional Features and Value-Added Services:
Fast Fin (B3 only)
Hi Vis Door
FLIR U 8000 Series Camera
Noggin GPR Sensor

Give us a call or email us to further
discuss your needs.

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